Club Makumba is one of the most recent music projects in the current cultural scene. It originated in the partnership created between Tó Trips (Dead Combo, Lulu Blind, among others) and João Doce (Wraygunn), to which Gonçalo Prazeres and Gonçalo Leonardo are now joining.

Club Makumba is a free, spontaneous, experimental and tribalist exercise. Club Makumba’s first album comes out in January 2022 and opens the window for a journey through the sounds of the Mediterranean and imagined Africa, to music without prejudice and without borders.

After the preview, at the 2019 edition of the Super Bock em Stock Festival, Club Makumba sets out on the road starting early 2021.

Tó Trips - Guitar

João Doce - Percussions

Gonçalo Prazeres - Saxophones
Gonçalo Leonardo - Double Bass/Bass